Kamran & I have worked together for over a year on another hire company but they refused to reset the account when it got hacked. We have moved to elance now and I can definitely recommend him. You can email me or even call through my Skype if you want a reference for Kamran’s work. I am still using Kamran about 20hrs a week and would like to see him be able to fill the rest of his work time with elance. He had a great recommendation and 5 Star rating on the other company ending in Desk.
Highly Recommended, finishing projects on time with all the correct specifications required performed. Trusted with all of my server ID’s, logins etc. He looks after all of this with the utmost of importance. All computers have full anti-virus protection and he has full hosting available on request as well via a German hosting company.
If you need advice on WordPress, Hosting, Domains, SEO & general online details this is your guy.
Kamran has expanded to a team of 8 for me in the past and now has dropped down to himself again as I have a couple of other ventures I am moving into for a couple of months.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are looking for more information.
Kindest Regards